Native Plant Restoration

    We match soils, climate, and plant material to their perspective ecological habitat, thereby increasing the success of the restoration.

    Stormwater Best Management Practices

    We provide soft and hard engineering practices to improve water quality and habitat for plants and animals. This includes rain gardens, pervious paving, retaining walls, bioengineered soils, green roofs, bioinfiltation trenches, and French drains. We provide the most cutting edge and up to date practices.

    Rain Gardens

    We install innovative stormwater technologies such as rain gardens. These are central to the protection of our regions’ lakes and streams.

    Habitat Improvement

    Habitat improvement can include native plants or other structural improvements, and provides refuge for wildlife including snake hibernacula, bird boxes and nesting platforms, and bat boxes.

    Shoreline Restoration

    In Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 lakes, we have lots of shoreline. Healthy shorelines with functionally restored native vegetation are host to large numbers of macroinvertebrate populations that support wildlife populations, which are critical to the biological diversity of our region and the health of our fisheries.


    Controlled Burning

    This is a management tool used by resource managers to control unwanted woody vegetation and invasive species, if timed right. Burning releases nutrients back into the soil and stimulates growth of native vegetation, especially prairie grasses.

    Arborist Consultations

    We have several ISA certified Artborists on staff to consult with landowners on everything from tree indentification, tree trimming, disease and pest management, and tree removals.

    Invasive Species Removal

    Invasive species are a serious problem for native plant and wildlife populations. When invasive species spread and takeover, they deplete native vegetation and food sources for wildlife populations. We specialize in buckthorn removal from woodland ecosystems. We work across scales to help manage any landscape size. We work with prairies, woodlands, and riparian corridors. It may come as a surprise, but herbicide application is a critical management tool for the removal of specific invasive species. We have certified herbicide applicators on staff that ensure safe and responsible use of this important restoration tool.

    Rotational Grazing

    We are currently exploring working with goats to graze invasive species. Our goats will be able to be transported to sites in the region to help manage aggressive plant material. Please stay tuned for updates about this exciting and innovative use for ecological restoration!


    Riparian Habitat Restoration

    Degraded stream banks are caused by excessive runoff from built environment and agricultural sites. We employ hard and soft engineering practices to stabilize shorelines and provide bank and water health. We specialize in wetland, stream bank, and lakeshore restoration services.

    Native Plant Community Restoration

    We work with all of our regional native plant communities to restore their health and biodiversity, including prairie, woodland, oak, savannah, and other mesic and aquatic communities.


    Residential Design

    Landbridge offers ecological design services including residential native landscape restoration. By planting the right selection of native perennials and focusing on plant selections that offer berry and seeds that benefit wildlife, we can take your dysfunctional landscape and turn it into a oasis for birds and other wildlife. In residential landscapes there is a delicate balance between habitat and getting the aesthetics right. Drop us a line and we’ll get you going in the right direction.

    Permaculture Design

    Every aspect of our designs carry permaculture within its core. Permaculture Design is a frame of mind. We design within our surroundings and look at habitat for people as well as the plant and animal life that is present, or could be present, within any given landscape. We close loopholes and stack functions within the settings we work. A rain garden can be a tool for stormwater management and create habitat for wildlife. At the same time, it can be beautiful and structured to look good. A native landscape can support habitat for birds and provide food for people, while at the same time it reduces energy influxes from mowers and traditional landscape maintenance professionals.

    Ecological Design

    We also offer consulting services for stream, wetland, and native landscape restoration, including innovative restoration and stormwater management practices. We offer a comprehensive understanding and ability to design, install, and manage landscapes, setting us apart from traditional ecological designers.

    Natural Areas Design – Large Landscapes

    We have design, management, and installation packages for large-scale natural landscapes. Our clients include municipal park and recreation boards, the Department of Natural Resources, Watershed Districts, municipal public works departments, and private landholders.


    Hardscape Installation

    We have installed a range of hardscapes, from cisterns to ornamental rock walls.

    Land Management Planning

    We have experience authoring and implementing land management plans for private land owners as well as large scale natural landscapes. We can also assist in fundraising for land management and connecting you with agencies that can help you offset your restoration expenses.