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Wetland Habitat Restorations is now Landbridge Ecological.

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Landbridge Ecological was founded in 1999 and offers ecological design, installation, and land management services, specializing in ecological restoration and a range of other landscape services. For over ten years we have worked across a number of scales, from urban residential sites to large-scale, natural areas. Our mission is to restore and protect resilient native landscapes, to educate the public about ecological restoration, and to work with existing natural resources and conditions.

The Landbridge team represents a unique blend of skills and expertise in ecological restoration, landscape architecture, management planning, ecological assessment, plant and hardscape installation and maintenance, permacultural design, and stormwater best management practices. Our team holds formal certifications in L.E.E.D., permaculture, agroecology, wetland delineation, and I.S.A. Certified Arboriculture.

photo credits: Anna Claussen