The Landbridge Ecological restoration team represents a unique blend of educational backgrounds and ecological expertise. Our team carries qualifications, experience, and formal certifications necessary to complete almost any restoration project. In addition to the project team leaders our team of professionals behind the scenes will get the job done with expertise and attention to detail.


Tory has worked for many of the leading restoration companies in the Twin Cities Metro area, and on some of the largest and most technologically advanced restoration projects in the region.  He has over 20 years of experience in installation, design and project management of river and small stream restoration, natural areas restoration including oak savanna, prairie, and wetland plant communities, and green roof installation and design.  Tory also brings an advanced knowledge of plant communities and specific species of greatest conservation need in the Midwest.  He has an undergraduate B.S. degree in Ecology and Water Resources Science from Minnesota State University and a Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA) from the University of Minnesota.  

Away from work Tory gets recharged through family and relaxing on or near water, especially dock life on the lake, fly fishing, hiking, canoeing and camping.


Carrie’s work in design, planning, education, and community engagement falls at the intersection of equity and the environment. With a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. in Urban Studies from Stanford University, her cross-sector work combines facilitation, design thinking, community organizing, project management, data analysis, curation, planning and environmental design processes. Carrie is a published author, an adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota, a 2001 Fulbright Scholar, a 2010 Creative Community Leadership Institute Fellow, a 2019 Herberger Institute Practices for Change Fellow, and has consulted with communities across the country around strategic planning, creative community engagement, and resilient design.

In her free time, Carrie likes traveling the world with Tory and their two kids, especially anywhere that involves dramatic topography or big water.



Haleigh grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, listening to her father, former employee of Alaska Department of Fish & Game, discussing environmental issues around the dinner table. Little did she know, these conversations would eventually lead to a passion for preserving our environment. 

A recent graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and minors in Pre-Law & Social Services, Haleigh hopes to continue her education and engage in advocacy. Outside of work and pursuing educational goals, Haleigh can be found spending time with her daughter, weightlifting, or captivated by a book.



While looking for a career path that he could find passion in, Patrick stumbled upon a Fisheries and Wildlife Major at the University of Minnesota which piqued his interest. Once enrolled, he found learning to be enjoyable rather than a chore. It was then that he knew natural resources work was what he wanted to do with his professional life. His love of native plants came later. He experienced the path of: Learn a thing, Know a thing, Love a thing

Patrick is a proud plant-nerd who enjoys exploring Minnesota’s natural areas searching for good examples of native habitat and new plant species to add to his life list.


After 15 years working in Design, Erin wanted a different path for her creativity. She wanted to create and be a part of spaces that truly make healthier environments. After hearing Dr. Doug Tallamy at a gardening symposium, then reading his book, “Bringing Nature Home,” Erin was inspired to make a change. She returned to school to earn a Master’s in Horticulture. While working on projects ranging from National Wildlife Refuges, to riverbanks, to backyard residential habitat, she knows her experiences in life have brought her to this point.

Erin helps several teachers create spaces at their schools to bring natural areas to life, from pollinator gardens to whole prairies. The natural areas show children and communities how native grasses provide shelter, hold soil with deep root structures, or how flowers like Wild Lupine are crucial for the survival of a tiny butterfly like the Karner Blue.



From having a mother with a green thumb to going on fishing trips in Northern Minnesota, young Alex quickly grew an appreciation for the natural world. This appreciation was further cultivated in school, as Alex gravitated towards classes in environmental science and sustainability. Captured by the complex, interconnected world of nature, Alex sought to better understand how to bridge the divide between human society and the environment. Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities with a B.S. in Geography and minors in Sustainability Studies and Earth Science, working within restoration has proven to accomplish this goal.

Alex is a wilderness enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping, and trout fishing. He has also recently taken up vegetable gardening and golfing, both of which provide him with even more time to enjoy the great Minnesota outdoors. 




Travis initially became passionate about environmental work at an early age. It began through the exploration of wetlands in Michigan and finding different species of frogs, snakes, and birds. During his college years he gained an understanding of invasive species, restoration, and conservation. Through this understanding, he became more interested and passionate about the concept of restoration. Working at Landbridge has allowed his passion to continue as he is able to witness and be a part of creating beautiful natural landscapes growing from degraded habitat.

Travis is passionate about protecting our water resources, both for human use and natural habitat. He enjoys spending time outside in various capacities, one of which is golfing. He has a goal of pursuing the intersection of his interests and developing more sustainable management plans for golf course properties.



Growing up surrounded by pine forest in Central Wisconsin, Janna developed an early appreciation for nature. Playing in the woods while foraging for strawberries & blackberries inspired her to learn about native plants, their communities, and greater ecological connections. These passion later boosted Janna to pursue a B.S. in Botany and a B.S. in Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She continued her education at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, obtaining a M.P.S in Horticulture with an emphasis in Restoration Ecology. At Landbridge, Janna is a go-to for plant community knowledge and pollinator plant relationships.

Outside of work, Janna has made a hobby of acquiring houseplants, learning about non-native plants, and keeping her indoor space green.



Terry became absorbed in Minnesota’s natural resources and splendors after moving here from New York City, so much so that he returned to school for forest ecology. He strives to constantly advance his botanical expertise and takes pride in his native urban garden where he has introduced more than 200 species. Terry’s passion is integrating humankind into the surrounding environment instead of living separate from it. One way he likes to do this for himself is through hiking, backpacking, and roaming landscapes to just enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has to offer.



Shelby was led into the restoration field by the idea of leaving the world a better place than when you found it. Her greatest strengths as a leader are communicating effectively and asking the right questions. She enjoys working outdoors in nature with individuals who share the same passion for restoration and dreams of starting a dog sanctuary or hobby farm in the future.



Tabitha grew up on a lake in Minnesota, watching for turtle nests and catching fish, picking wild raspberries, and sailing with her father. From a young age, Tabitha felt an intrinsic need to protect nature and all living things and chose to turn her passion into a career. Tabitha’s areas of expertise at Landbridge are native plant and insect identification, large scale plantings, and is looking forward to working more on GIS application. She loves books about nature, hiking on the weekends with her two dogs, and hopes to travel to the world’s biodiversity hotspots in the near future.



Bruce Wayne (‘Brucy’) was born in Oklahoma and came to Minnesota by way of adoption. He is certified in Obedience Training I, and is a very good boy.

In his free time, Bruce likes walks along the river, playing fetch, and enjoying his blueberry snacks from Janna.


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